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Hay Field

Reese Mowers

Other drum mowers boast about the product changes they make each year, but the Reese Mower has remained very much the same since its introduction over twenty-nine years ago. Reese owners appreciate its simple belt drive, easy height adjustment, ease of hitching to a tractor, noiseless operation, and absence of side draft. Although it has the same blade tip speed as other disc mowers, the vertical shaft turns only one-third as fast. With only five moving parts, Reese mowers are belt driven, which absorbs any shock load when striking rocks or other objects.

Reese Mowers

No Major Breakdowns

With no expensive gears or oil reservoirs to check, you never have to worry about a major breakdown costing hundreds or thousands of dollars. You also won't have the constant fear of a major repair. There is never a need for expensive shop labor or downtime to keep you out of the hayfield. After several years of use and virtually no maintenance, many owners' only expense has been replacement blades. Replacement of drive belts has averaged less than 5% of annual usage. Two drive belts list for $240 on the 6' 9" mower. As one satisfied customer put it, "Any time you run any of the other disc mowers, you are getting one hour closer to disaster."

Built-In Tedder

With the Windrow Spreader attachment, you get a simple, inexpensive, built-in tedder. Many owners report the hay dries down at the same speed or more quickly than conditioned hay. Alternatively, you can windrow the hay to save a trip. No other machine on the market has this time- and money-saving feature.

Minimal Maintenance

With other disc mowers, a $200-$500 or more yearly maintenance charge usually occurs after the first year of use. When it comes time to trade the machine, you may get less resale value than expected for fear of internal gear damage and expensive repairs. This is not so with the Reese as minimal maintenance is required and it has fewer parts to replace. Its resale value is high because so few dollars are needed to get the unit back in top shape. Reese mowers have become the very best investment when making a buying decision for your next hay mower.

The Latest Models

Two new models introduced in 1996 have been widely accepted: the 6' 9" HL and the 8' 0" HL. They are like the very popular 2070W and 2400, except that they feature a hydraulic cylinder which raises the mower to vertical transport. This also allows a wider range of cutting angles in hilly terrain, terraces, or ditches.